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Chocolate making kit + digital recipe book

Chocolate Making Kit with Video & Textual instructions

 Get your own Belgian Chocolate Making Kit today and start making delectable chocolates in your own kitchen! We have put together the gear you need (and you probably don't already have at home) to make professional grade 30+ Belgian Chocolates by yourself. We also compiled years of experience giving presential chocolate making classes into an interactive digital cooking book that will help you, step by step, make the most of your Chocolate Kit. With the Chocolate kit you can finally learn how to make 21 delicious pralines, 9 mendiants and a couple of glasses of the best hot chocolate! That's a pretty fun 2.5h activity to do by yourself or with your friends, girlfriend or even colleagues.

pralines at the chocolate workshop

  The digital recipe book is currently available in English and French. For other languages contact us by email

digital recipe book included with chocolate making kit

Pralines workshop with kit

2.5h cooking activity with online ressources

Learn how to craft praline & mendiant chocolates + hot choc!

By yourself or with friends

We ship the kit to you asap from Belgium!

Naturally vegetarian, can be made nut free, dairy free or vegan!


mold with pralines at the bruges chocolate workshop

pralines at the chocolate workshop

Perfect gift for chocolate lovers

chocolate kit for live workshops online

The chocolate kit includes:

  • professional 21 pralines custom mold
  • 380g of top quality dark Belgian Chocolate
  • wooden spatula
  • digital thermometer
  • couple of piping bags
  • some wax paper
  • a handmade sticker
  • a nice box to keep your handmade chocolates
  • digital step by step instructions with illustrations & videos


In order to craft 21 pralines, 9 mendiants and a couple of delicious hot chocolate glasses, you will need one kit and the following:

microwave safe bowl (min. capacity 0.5 liter) microwave (strongly recommended, also possible to use double boiler) 50ml dairy cream min 30% fat (or non dairy equivalent)
a regular pot stove 350ml milk or non dairy equivalent for the hot chocolate (soja and chocolate don't go that well together imo, so if you are using non-dairy, look for another option):
a knife hand-mixer (preferred but whisk will work if you don't have one) mendiant nut mix (vesuvio mix also works great) or any sugar coated deco if you don't want to use nuts (dried fruits also work while fresh fruits dont work!)
a teaspoon fridge (set the temperature at the coolest possible) a bit of honey
a spatula ("leche plat" type preferred) - that's in addition to the spatula already included in the kit scale or measuring cup + scissors

Any question?

Does the kit include a manual?

  With every purchase comes an our digital cookbook. There you will find step by step instructions, illustrations and videos that will help you make the most of your Chocolate Making Kit and we are always there to help, would you have any question!

Is it possible to use the kit more than once?

  Yes! The chocolate mold included in the kit is of professional quality and can be used hundreds of times! You will just have to buy additional consummables.

What does the kit allow me to do?

  With the kit you will be able to craft 21 praline chocolates, 9 mendiants chocolates and 2 large glasses of hot chocolate. Make sure to check the list of additional stuff needed here.

Can you share the kit with other people?

  Yes, you can craft the chocolate along with friends, sharing one or more kit. We recommend not more than 2 or 3 people per kit as you will have to share the chocolates at the end! Note that we only charge per kit and not the number of people cooking together.

How long will it take me the complete the whole chocolate course?

  That answer will depend on your cooking skills, but people usually complete it between 2h to max 3h

Will there be someone helping me on Zoom / Skype?

  No, but we have combined text, pictures and videos using our experience delivering live workshops for many years so you can cook at your own pace using those ressources. Feel free to reach out would you have any issues with it.

Do I need internet / a computer to make the most of the Chocolate Making Kit?

  Yes, the whole course and step by step guide is hosted online. We recommend you use a laptop / large tablet to make the most of the content. You can also print the material if you prefer.

  More questions ? Get in touch on WhatsApp or email

"Great remote experience!" - Sarah F.

 We did this workshop as a remote activity during corona lockdown with my team. Some of our colleagues took part with their kids or spouse and that contributed to the good vibe of the activity on Zoom! Also the result was delicious, thanks!

"A different birthday!" - Jess V.

 As I couln't invite my sister's friend over this year for her birthday, we did a remote chocolate workshop with the girls! Titch was our instructor and we learned a lot during the workshop. We could ask him advice when having issues with our chocolate temperature (that's not that easy!) and he was really supportive. Overall a good experience and something different.

natural ingredients only
all our workshops are gluten free
our chocolate workshop is vegan friendly


Chocolate photo gallery:

mendiants chocolates made in bruges
best teambuidling option in bruges
learn how to make your own belgian chocolates in Bruges
box of chocolates teambuilding
fill up chocolates by yourself at our workshop
chocolate mold included in the chocolate kit

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